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WINE GUARDIAN® cooling unit

Wine Guardian 2100 BTU Through the Wall Cooling Unit

WG15 (10 à 20 m3)
4 640.00

WG25 (20 à 40 m3)
5 250.00

Taxe included.  Shipping extra.

Dimensions :
WG 15: H 40,3x L 36,5 x D 63,5 cm, Weight 27 kg
Dimensions :
WG 25: H 40,3 x L 36,5 x D 63,5 cm, Weight 28 kg

With a sleek design, Wine Guardian’s through-the-wall (TTW) wine cellar cooling units will match the unique style of today’s modern wine cellar. Available in two sizes, our TTW cooling units are perfect for small- to mid-sized cellars. Our innovative system offers exceptional airflow and maintains optimal temperature and humidity – all with the quietest operation in its class. Here are some included features: The only through-the-wall system that displays both temperature and humidity and controls temperature Quiet and efficient operation EasyMount one-piece wall bracket and support frame included Commercial-grade, corrosion resistant components and an all-aluminum frame for long-term durability Now available with a heater option

 Available in 40-60 days.



C25 wall-mounted cooling unit (10 à 25 m3)
1 899.00

Taxes and shipping included.

Dimensions :
 H 38.4x W 51.8 x D 15 cm

Cost-effective investment to keep up to 4000 bottles. Equipped with a fan "Energy Saver Motor" Quiet operation thanks to the use of new materials Efficient, economical and ecological appliance Thanks to the Winemaster® C25 air conditioners, which air-condition up to 25m3, your wines will be stored optimally. In addition to their totally innovative design, the devices are equipped with technological equipment "high performance offering silence and important energy savings.
The insulation of the wine cellar and its maintenance are crucial for the proper functioning of the air conditioner.

 Available in 7-10 days.




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