Buy a Cellar or Build a Wine Cellar?

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many options available for those who wish to store their wines. The ‘wine space’ should be planned according to the number of bottles, but depends on what you want to do with your wines: storing, tempering, aging...



Wine chillers are often mistaken as cellars. But wine chillers are usually smaller (10 to 60 bottles) and their sole use is to maintain the wine at serving temperature, around 8 to 10° Celsius. Chillers are practical and often installed in kitchens so that you always have a few bottles on hand and ready to serve at the right temperature. They are not designed for long-term storage of wines. The best price-quality ratios are found in megastores. Prices vary from 50 to 500 Euros, depending on the size and brand.


Larger than wine chillers, current-consumption cellars such as Vintage Keeper cellars are ‘Ikea’-type storage units requiring assembly, refrigerated at 12 or 13° Celsius. They are designed to keep wine bottles for one or two years. No aging... Vintage Keeper cellars sell for 795 to 1,595 Euros.


Eurocave, Cavavins and some other high quality cellars are refrigerator-like household appliances that can store wine bottles for 8 to 10 years thanks to their constant 12 or 13° Celsius temperature, and, in some cases, control humidity. Aging is therefore possible if the cellar is kept at a distance from any type of vibration and any source of light. These cellars sell for 4,000 to 5,000 Euros on average. These cellars are special orders, available by contacting Maître de cave.

A wine cellar is ideal for wine to keep aging for 10 to 15 years and more. You can also store a larger quantity of bottles. A wine cellar with wine racks and air conditioning can be built from 10,000 Euros and up (including construction). Of course, building a wine cellar can be much more expensive... but cellars costing more than 15,000 Euros are more a question of decoration than a question of ideal conditions. You can find out more about installing wine cellars on the Maître de cave website..

The cellar Master makes sure that the best conditions are combined for optimal ageing of your best vintages.(Contact)

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